Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Machines
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0141 883 0090
Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Machines
Sales, Service, Repair & Hire in Scotland
DMG Floorcare is a main Scottish Distributor for UK and European leading manufacturers

Sanitising Machines

Industrial Cleaning With Added Force

STORM® Backpack
Battery Operated

Powered by MotorScrubber Backpack Technology, STORM® gives the freedom to safely disinfect on the go, with no trailing cables to contend with

Single Button System

The single button, spray on demand feature, allows STORM® to quickly and easily apply detergent and disinfectant.

Comfortable and Lightweight

Battery-powered backpack is secured to the waist, maintaining perfect posture.

Easy on the wrist

At just 0.3kg (0.66lbs), the ​STORM® wand is lightweight designed for prolonged use.

Wipe Out The Risk

Specifically designed to work in conjunction with STORM® to apply disinfectant, M-Wipes ensure a Perfect Liquid Layer is created on the reverse side of 3D touch points, vastly reducing the risk of cross infection.

On Board System

Fitting to the existing backpack belt system, the wipe dispenser and disposal pouch, allow for rapid wipe release and convenient wipe disposal.

Storm Specifications

Runtime – 3 Hours (1hr 50mins continuous use)
Charge Time – Up to 8 Hours
Machine Weight – 0.66lb
Backpack Weight – 19.9lb Empty – 11.6lb Full
Solution Capacity – 0.25gl
Coverage – 807 ft²/gl
Micron – 68
Flow – 149ml/min (0.039gl/min)
Spray Distance – 30cm (12in)
Quick Change battery
Fitting to the existing backpack, simply attach the Wipe Dispenser and Wipe Disposal pouch to the backpack belt system.
The M-Wipes Kit includes:
• One roll of M-Wipes – 100 non-absrobent wipes per roll.
• Wipe Dispenser Pouch.
• Wipe Disposal Pouch.