Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Machines
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0141 883 0090
Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Machines
Sales, Service, Repair & Hire in Scotland
DMG Floorcare is a main Scottish Distributor for UK and European leading manufacturers

Scrubber Only Machines

Scrubber Only Model

The M3 makes light work of deep cleaning confined and hard to reach places

Freedom to Clean Anywhere

Powered by MotorScrubber Backpack Technology, M3 and JET3 gives you the freedom to deep clean anywhere on the go

Scrubber with Built in Spray

JET3’s targeted spay, scrub technology completely removed the need for buckets

Targeted Spray On Demand

Solution is delivered through the powerful, high pressure pump for targeted application

Compact Cleaning

Fitting into spaces other machines simply cannot reach, its powerful scrubbing action releases ingrained dirt from any surface.

Minimum Controls. Maximum Power.

The on demand, targeted Spray-Scrub technology allows JET3 to quickly deep clean floors, walls and stairs, removing the need for buckets.


The powerful motor delivers considerably high torque (10,000rpm geared to 360rpm) generating exceptional cleaning results.


Scrub walls up to 3m (9.8ft). Extremely lightweight at under 2kg (3.3lbs), making it perfect for prolonged use.


Quickly adjusts to any user height, thanks to its integrated telescopic handle.

Pivoting Handle

Easily gain access and clean underneath objects as low as 20cm (8″), using its pivoting handle.

Key Applications

Quickly and effortlessly deep clean any floor surface

Easily deep clean walls and restore grout at any height with a choice of handle length and brushes

Waterproof in design, it makes light work of scum line removal .

Stair Cleaning Made Easy

Combine JET3 and the Stair Brush to effortlessly remove dirt and improve the overall hygiene of stairs and skirting/base boards.

M3 and Jet3 Specifications

Runtime – 4 Hours
Charge Time – Up to 8 Hours
Machine Weight – 3.3 lb
Backpack Weight – 5.5 lb
Brush Speed – 360 rpm
Scrubbing Width – 7.5″
Surface Covered – 404 ft²/hour

Linear Performance – 666 m/hour (2244 ft/hour)
Brush Pressure – 5 kg = 19.7 g/cm² (11 lb = 4.48 oz/inch²)
Motor Torque – 11.18 g/cm1096.3 mN.m


Solution Capacity – 1L (0.25gl)
Pump Pressure – 7.9 Bar 116 PSI
Pump Flow – 5L/min (1.3gl/min)


Small Handle
• Solid
• 38cm (15in)
• For eye level cleaning. (Includes backpack)

Medium Handle
• Telescopic
• 70-140cm (27.56-55.12in)
• For regular floor cleaning and occasional wall cleaning (Includes backpack)

Long Handle
• Telescopic
• 120-240cm (47.24-94.49in)
• For regular high level wall cleaning and occasional floor cleaning. (Includes backpack)


JET3 handle extends from 70-140cm (27.56-55.12in)

Our M10 motor delivers 10,000rpm, geared to 360rpm. Still spins at over 200rpm when 7kg (15.4lbs) of weight is applied to the machine. The super reliable high torque motor gives outstanding cleaning results.

Boasting forged alloy gears and a high impact, glass filled nylon casing, the JET3 is built for years of trouble free use.