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Gum Removal

Cleaning up the Streets, Piece by Piece!

The GumBusters® range has been specifically developed as a cleaning method that focuses on chewing gum removal.

These steam cleaning machines are powerful, reliable, and cost-effective, and simply utilise cold clean tap water to create powerful steam. When combined with an environmentally friendly, water-based detergent, they produce amazing results.

The combination of high-temperature dry steam and the detergent, plus light agitation by the operator, utilises the power of steam cleaning to handle any & all chewing gum removal jobs. These machines generate the cleaning power needed to tackle even the most littered of high streets.


The compact solution for gum removal

The GumCart provides a compact solution for all those unsightly gum deposits carelessly discarded everywhere; this robust machine is easy to transport and will bust gum all day long.

The GumCart makes great use of dry steam. When combined with our own detergent the GumCart dissolves gum on contact and, with a little agitation with a brush by the operator; the gum is busted in approx. 3 seconds flat!!

It’s the ideal cost-effective and eco-friendly way to remove unpleasant gum residues without leaving any telltale “snail trails” that commonly occur with the use of high-pressure water.

The GumCart is also available with an optional bespoke green trolley and low noise petrol Generator converting the machine into the GumTrolley.

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A completely autonomous system that can easily be transported from job to job in a small vehicle

The GumTrolley features storage areas for all consumables and brushes that may be required throughout a working day and the robust solid rubber trolley wheels keep the machine steady over uneven ground.

With no trailing cables the GumTrolley can easily be used in populated areas; town centres, sports stadiums, and even schools & colleges.

The powerful dry steam and robust bespoke trolley provide a fast and simple solution to the issue of discarded gum whilst at the same time providing a visual deterrent to those persons compacting the problem!